How much more would insurance cost if I bought a coupe car instead of a sedan?
I m 17 years old, had my license for 9 months. I want to buy a coupe car but my mom said the insurance will be really high. Around how much higher would it be if i bought a car like a honda civic 2001-2004 coupe then a honda civic 2001-2004 sedan?

BEST ANSWER: I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies so you can find the best option for you:

OTHER:Man, 17, first car, barely 9 months, any car you get will be sky high as is. Add to it a coupe vehicle and goes higher. Why? They use statistics. A male drive, 17, barely licensed, driving a 2 door vehicle (basically means performance vehicle in the insurance s eyes).. It will cost more. They do pay attention to trims too. EX models and al lthat. You can check really quick online with a company like Progressive. There is no fixed price as they also calculate costs based on driving history, address you live at and accidents there, your credit score is sometimes checked too. Tickets, accidents, if the vehicle is garaged, other drivers in the house. Some companies might charge less than others so shop around and don t do that one stop shopping like using progressive s prices for other companies. Go to those companies and do quotes there too. Being on the insurance with your mom helps. Being alone... yikes...
the insurance is going to be about the same.I would check out the different insurance websites andcompare the prices.
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